We believe in chasing smallness ...

Have you ever noticed how chaos seems to come naturally? How time seems to rush by and you feel guilty for slowing down? Micah and I are intentionally setting out to chase smallness from the way we're building our dream "container" home, to the food we eat and the clothes we purchase. Join me each week & let's create the time in our life to have those small moments that create the biggest memories. 



My father-in-law/contractor

has been researching this style of sustainable living for years and has been itching to put this building theory into practice. This concept for us is perfect because we want to exist in a way that is agriculturally and environmentally responsible. We want to create an environment that is no fuss, practical, and non-traditional. Plus, has the added bonus of having the ability of going off the grid in the event of a zombie apocolypse. (Aim straight for the forehead.)

Without giving too much away now, we have a few special features that we are going to add that makes me super impatient to get started! I want to document our progress as I've had a lot of interest and inquiries already. I will be answering some of the following questions & more:

"You want to live in a steel box?"

"Are you doing anything to the walls?"

"Will the bank actually agree to give you a loan for this?!"

Yes, these are your actual questions. I will answer them in due time! For now, we wait. There have already been months of prep work; all the adult stuff that has to happen before you can build and not get yourself arrested or fined. It's the important, but  not-interesting-enough-to-post-about stuff like surveying, soil samples, obtaining a deed, filling in ditches to get road access, etc. Yawn.