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I Am Looking for Attention

A few years ago I wrote a book going through a personally challenging time. God so tenderly carried me through that season, that the writing for me was the easy part. I needed to get it out. I needed to tell others about this great-big, amazing, life-changing God that loved me, and loved them too. 

Not Too Difficult

This trip had been good so far. But today was unstable, like every other day in that season. I was hopeful. But I was also reasonably aware of my situation. The cold hard reality shoved it's ugly self in my face often among my hopeful moments.

Ridiculous Request

I'm not a huge fan of Little Debbie snacks. No offense to snack cake, but there is something that skeeves me out about the lengthy shelf life, cream that doesn't sour, pastries that don't stale, apple filling where apples are not found in the list of ingredients, you get me?

The Waiting

I loathe waiting. GEEZ. I do. But after years being placed in scenario after scenario of waiting, I am getting the hang of it. There is something ludicrously exciting about putting something in God's hands and saying, "Here. You deal. I can't even." And then, waiting.

Fall Back

I have an addictive personality. Whatever I am into at the moment, I am ALL IN. When I started running I was not content putting in a mile a few times a week. I wanted to run marathons. I spent countless hours training & obsessing right down to the attire to the meal planning. 

Ever get freaked out?

Do you ever read the Bible and get super encouraged about what God does for his people? And then you face a situation in your own life where you have to rely on God... and then you freak out, feeling hopeless, wondering if God will ever come through for you...

The Dark Places

Several weeks ago I was over at Jennie Allen's blog reading Let's Overwhelm Someone. What I remember from it and what keeps repeating in my mind over and over is that she said this, " ....I have been in a dark place honestly and I tend to hole up when I am going through things.

Hanging On

I have a friend who is doing something awesome.  I think she is just the greatest and I am so proud of her.  I said to her yesterday, "Wow, you are really doing it!", to which she responded, "Just barely."