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One Wild Year & A Broken Place

One Wild Year & A Broken Place

Whoa. I just realized today that tomorrow (so, today if you're reading this) is the ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY of my first book, A Fierce Love. 



I really think God gives you the strength to do a thing when you need to do the thing, because just wow. Looking back, I can't believe I casually glided through releasing a deeply personal memoir about my husband's affair. Gah!

Could I do it all over again? I can't imagine! 🙈

Do Micah and I have any regrets about launching it? Not one single regret.

This message of hope has reached beyond our family. I remember the morning my phone beeped and my college roommate sent me a selfie of herself and A Fierce Love from her home in South Africa. She'd picked up a copy at her local book store!

Only God can put to good use our old broken place. 

Watching fragrant flowers bloom where ashes were once spread is one of my absolute favorite privileges in all the world. I seem to always have an eye out for something old and broken to restore because it makes me feel closer to God, because that is what he is doing! 

He's always restoring broken things. 


At the end of 2013, the foundations of my life were deteriorating. My husband was with another woman. My closest friendships were crumbling. I was worried to death over my children and how this enormous fracture would affect them. 

At my breaking point, God stepped in. He took the mess I had to offer him and is still making beauty rise out of it, exceeding my wildest dreams. You can read the whole story here


The message of God's restoration power and redemption plan have spread far and wide through our little story that began with me folded in a heap, sobbing on the cold, tile floor. (This is where most good stories start, by the way, so do not lose heart if you are on the tile now.)

I wonder what God will do?

We serve a great big God, who does great big things. He is the fixer of all things broken. He is the mender and changer of hearts. He is present. He's capable. He's Holy and good. And he is for you. 

Happy Birthday, A Fierce Love. What a surprise you were after such a rough journey. 


Head on over to my Insta story to join the party and see a year-in-photo-wrap-up of that time God stunned me so much I wrote a whole book about it. 

Know someone in a broken place? Share the story with them. You can read the first chapter now.

Thanks for being here for the journey.

❤️ Shauna





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