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We Are Fame Spreaders- One Book Launch In The Books

We Are Fame Spreaders- One Book Launch In The Books

We survived Book Launch Week! 😅

Whew! How wild was that? I've been dying to get a second to catch up with you! This book feels like my baby, and you, my friends, feel like its family and I am so humbled that you are here. 

Can you hang out with me for 45 minutes today? Listen in to Moody radio's In the Market with Janet Parshall as we discuss all things A Fierce Love.

I'm also linking my interview with the 700 Club. There's tons more videos, interviews and articles on my author page, so make sure you follow me there! 

I've been getting tons of messages since the book launched from women all over who are experiencing heart break, sometimes in their marriages, sometimes other areas. This book isn't a 5-step and you're fixed- kind of book. But it does point the way to the Great Fixer. How amazing that we have hope! That we are not defeated!

As I was responding to messages today, one stood out and caused tears to stream down my face. She simply said, "Please don't stop talking and writing about Jesus." Ahh! It just got me. This is what this is all about. We are fame spreaders— but not our own. Let's continue together to spread His fame, and remind people who feel lost and desperate that they are not defeated and we do have hope. 


 It still seems surreal to say, 

A Fierce Love is available now. 



 Would you please help me spread the love?


Post pics of your copy and #lovefilter and #AFierceLove so I, and others can see them! THANK YOU for being a part of the journey so far. ❤️~Shauna

A Seat At An Unfinished Table

A Seat At An Unfinished Table

Are You A Woman Of Wonder?

Are You A Woman Of Wonder?