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13 Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why Messed Me Up

13 Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why Messed Me Up

This is my first time ever blogging about something I watched on tv. But my husband and I just finished binge-watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and I feel like I need a support group. Can we be that for each other, please?

When I was a teenager every summer I went on short term mission trips to a poverty-stricken area of Mexico where thousands of people lived inside the city dump. They literally pieced together make-shift houses out of discarded junk they found in the land fill. Very often we would witness scenes so traumatic that at the end of the day our team leaders hosted debriefing. It was an attempt for us to work together through the traumatic and hard stuff we'd seen and talk through it together. 

If you've finished 13 Reasons already, feel free to join the club. I can't be alone here. Anyone else having nightmares? If you haven't watched it, obviously, there's spoilers ahead. 

This post is purely selfish. I'm just trying to pick up the pieces this show took from me and make sense of the rubble that was my life. Here are 13 Reasons why 13 Reasons messed me up. 

1. Overly Dramatic and Paranoia

Me to kid: How was your day at school? 

Kid: Good

Me: HOW WAS YOUR DAY AT SCHOOL? chews fingernails nervously.

2. No More Taylor Swift

She's ruined now. Thanks 13 Reasons Why. I was painting doors at the property today and Taylor Swift's song, "Best Day" came on, and I sobbed my way through it. Think you're strong enough to google the lyrics? Don't do it! Give yourself some more time to process and heal.

3. Clingy Mom Syndrome

My kids should be hugged constantly. They are staying the night at my grandmas which is literally 2 miles down the road from where I was working and I had to fight every urge not to quit working and go get them. 

4. Spontaneous Bursts of Crying

That scene when the parents rush into the bathroom. I just can't….How do I go on with that memory seared into my skull?

5. School Dilemma

Obviously my kids have to be removed from public schools. Immediately. 

6. Money Problems

#4 is a problem because to put 3 kids in Christian, private, or charter school would cost more than our house payment each month. 

7. Dilusional Bonding

I feel oddly connected to these characters and I want to hug them all, which is disconcerning since they are fictional characters; not real. But I still love them, and I will always be here for them.

8. Hyper Sensitivity

It makes me wonder how many people I run into each day, that are not fictional, who may need a friend, a hug, or a listening ear. 

Despite this emotional roller coaster, I'm thankful for the reminder to be present to those who come onto our path. You really have no idea what is going on inside someone else's head.  

9. Desire to Adopt Fictional Characters

I want to adopt Justin. I know he made terrible choices in the show, but you have to empathize with them when they hint to how bad his home life is. I could make him pancakes and give him stability. He could be my fourth son. Justin Shanks.

10. Awkward Conversationist

Driving the kids to school, I kept asking my 12-year-old intrusive questions so finally he asked me what my problem was. I told him I watched a show where a kid was bullied and she killed herself, and I just wanted to make sure he was ok. My 7-year-old piped up from the backseat, "Mom, stop being creepy." 

I guess that was fair.

11. I'm. So. Tired...

Binge watching anything is a real commitment. I'm happy to report I am many things, but I am no quitter. My husband and I  don't have time to watch tv during the day so we stole from the only available hours, sleeping hours. I know I should sleep….But who's on the next tape?!

Darn you whoever invented the "Next episode will start in 20 seconds" feature on Netflix. 

12. I'd Like To Report Fictional Characters to CPS

Seriously, Justin's mother and boyfriend should be in jail.

13. Inappropriate Humor

Every time I don't get my way now, I look at my husband and say, "Welcome to your tape."


*Bonus, This isn't on my list, but….. didn't Tony look like a young Bruno Mars?

So that's it. What did you think when you watched 13 Reasons Why? I'll stay around for debriefing for a little while. We should not be alone at a time like this. Anything you would add or need to get off your chest? 









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