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Broken Heart? Do This NOW.

Broken Heart? Do This NOW.

Last week I posted a blog that was my "coming out," admitting my husband and I dealt with infidelity in our marriage, nearly ending us in divorce. Since then I've received messages, texts and emails from women (and men) who are going through similar circumstances that Micah and I went through several years ago. Many of you who reached out did so because you are so hurting. 

Although I'm on the other side of it now, and God is really doing some amazing things in our lives, like building our new home, and getting ready to launch this beautifully-covered book,


I remember your pain. I've been there. And my heart is with you.

I have not had a chance to respond to all who have reached out, because I didn't want to send a partial, quick-answer that feels dismissive because there is just no easy answer here.

A Fierce Love releases in three months, but I really have things I want to say to you NOW. 

I thought this video would be a good place to start, because I want to look you in the eyes when I tell you this. To me, this is the first stop toward healing. It might sound simple, but reading it on paper is simple. THE DOING OF is more complicated, takes discipline and consistency. BUT IT WORKS. 

Do you have a broken heart? Do this NOW.




When The Storm Comes

When The Storm Comes

My Husband Had An Affair But By The End Of The Book You'll Love Him

My Husband Had An Affair But By The End Of The Book You'll Love Him