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We Should Feel A Lot Of Things About Syria, But We Should Not Feel Helpless

We Should Feel A Lot Of Things About Syria, But We Should Not Feel Helpless

For several months now I've been maneuvering through all the tasks and pleasures of daily life, but with a silent aching in the background of everything I do. Bedtime is the worst. I love our family bedtime routine. I allow a solid hour to put the kids to bed, because it's a way for us to disconnect from the rest of the world and focus on each other as a family. 

We read books out loud to each other other. I have a kid's devotional book that asks the kid's questions that I can record their answers in that has made that bedtime hour even more precious (and hilarious.) We take turns praying. I always give the kids an option to "skip" but they never take it. They have grown to appreciate this time and as a mom, these are the moments that melt me. 

I kiss the faces of the little ones and enjoy a more-grown up conversation with the big one. If they ever let me snuggle them anymore it's during this window right before bed. I know I'm sounding all sorts of sappy today but these are the moments that also wreck me. 

Motherhood is a silent connector. I can study the face of my child and instantly understand the severity of love another woman across the world also feels pulsing in her own heart. A mother's love is fierce. So is a mother's pain. So is the depth of her loss and agony. 

When images of war come across our newsfeed, or appear on a screen, our own soul triggers that we have also suffered a great loss. When we see the images of an orphaned, or injured child, our momma-hood cannot be turned off because we are not the momma. We are the momma. If you are broken, we are broken. 

I'm never more aware of this than during our bedtime hour. My children are safe. They are healthy, warm, dry, clean, loved. 

Your children are not safe. They are shattered, injured, many times without shelter, scared. War is nothing if  not devastating, but especially to the innocent children and mothers who would eagerly give their very lives to protect them. 

I feel that. I know you feel it. We react in different ways. We process in different ways. Personally, I have felt like the breath has been knocked. out. of. me. I've broken down in front of my kids as we lift up these families around the world who have been affected. I've been depressed. I've been angry.

I haven't posted a whole lot about this because I personally feel like posting a status is worthless without action. I see a lot of people outraged on social media but I wonder, what else are we doing? This is not a lecture, I'm talking to myself! Lots of us feel betrayed by our government process right now. We want to help, but we feel too small. We feel insignificant and powerless. 

If there's anything I know about BELIEVERS, we are not helpless. We are not doubters. We are not defeated. We do not spiral into an endless chasm of hopelessness, because we have hope. We are not nothing, even though we may feel small. We are small, insignificant humans, indeed. But we serve a Great Big God who has commissioned us, charged us to be anything but helpless. 

Acting helpless right now, is not acting in his commission. It never has been. 

Last week I ran across this quote on my newsfeed and I thought YES! YES! YES! This is what I've been trying to form into words. This is a quote I directly stole from Blaze contributor Matt Walsh (Don't freak out- I very often don't agree with everything he posts, but this, in my opinion, is SPOT ON.) 

"Christ did not say, “I was naked so you petitioned your congressman to come up with a state funded program that might eventually lead to someone other than yourself supplying me with some clothing.” No, He said, “I was naked so you clothed me.” You. You, personally. Not your neighbor. Not the State. You. Scripture tells you to provide for the less fortunate of your own accord and with your own time and resources.."

Our whole nations seems to be conflicted about the current administration and especially the travel ban that has been implemented. I'm not saying don't petition. Just don't just petition. We are seemingly caught in the crosshairs of someone else's decision and it seems that the only rescue for these families is largely dependent on resources that are outside of our control. 

But if we feel like we have no control, we will not take control. WE. We the people, we the Christ-followers, we the church, we the mothers. 

It would be nice for the world to get it together. For government to make the right, ethical, moral decisions, and for ISIS to stop slaughtering innocent people. But the world has never been perfect. If we wait for that, we will be surely wasting a lifetime of good opportunity. 

I woke up this morning to an email from an organization I've been following and supporting, Preemptive Love Coalition. These folks are on the ground. They are the eyes and ears, hands and feet of relief over there right now. 

But we are the help. We should help. We, the people. You right now. Even a little gift helps. Form prayer circles, donate, raise awareness but then do something. We should feel a a lot of things about Syria, but we should not feel helpless. 

Feelings are good. Even the bad ones are extremely necessary because feelings are great motivators. So go ahead with all the feels, and then don't be helpless. 

You can start here but there are lots of other great organizations to get involved with too! 


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