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The Girls We Go With

The Girls We Go With

It’s good enough for the girls we go with,” Bill smirks at himself, amused at the joke he’s told literally a million times before. He says this about a diner, a store, or wherever we happen to be going in that moment.

It’s a thing his school mates used to say back when he was in high school in the 60’s. It’s funny every time. To him. I’m terrible about laughing at my own jokes too, though. So, lots of grace there.

I’m well aware of the saying, “more of the same gets you more of the same” so I like to use January to reflect over my life; what is working, what isn’t, what needs nurtured, and improved, habits that need dropped, identify time wasters, etc. That may sound a terrible task for some of you, but I love this kind of reflection. I love the thought of improving, making lists, and setting goals. It’s a season of dreaming. 

If you’ve made new years resolutions this year, you may have an idea of where you are going. You may have even set some goals of how you might get there. But I’m curious. Who are you going with?

Yesterday my friend took her kids to an indoor trampoline park. In a surge of inspiration, she decided to do a backflip (which she’s never been able to do). She failed, folding herself in half, hurting her neck and is walking around sore today. My initial reaction was, of course she tried it. I love that she tried it. I love that I am surrounded by people who would try that. 

I’m not just talking about friends who backflip. I’m talking about women who push past their timid nature to pursue living a bold life, whose curiosity leads them to wander a little farther off the beaten path, whose hearts of compassion persuade them to lead a life toward sacrifice and service.

If the famous quote, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” rings true, and if my friends are a reflection, an indicator of who I am, I need to make sure I am in good company. 

Don’t skip examining this important circle. Good friends do not always just land in your life by happenstance. You get to choose which relationships to nurture, and which ones whose grip of influence over your life needs to be loosened or released.

If I want to add adventure to my life, I need to make sure someone within my sphere is going on an adventure. If I want to be more kind, I need to stay close to those who are kind. If I don't want to be afraid of taking risks, I need to befriend dreamers, who encourage bold, audacious behavior in their own life. We absorb, we glean from the traits and characteristics from those from whom we fill our time. 

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Proverbs 27:17

Yes I know, with kids, family, work, and all the other demands of the modern woman, there is a balance. Some seasons are more complicated than others. But as we dream about the upcoming year, let’s expand our goals to include this one more thing. 

Gather your people. Assemble your troops. Be intentional in your friendships. 

And keep them close. 


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