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How to Obtain Abundance

How to Obtain Abundance

Hard things are easy when you are seeing results.

For example: Dieting is made easier if you are losing weight. But what if you hit a plateau? Exercising is easy when it makes you feel great. But what if the feel-good endorphins subside? Investing in a marriage is warm and fuzzy when it is thriving. It’s fun to be the boss when business is booming. 

But Investments are hard when you can’t see results. Like really, really hard. It can be a broken, scary place where the task seems bigger than our ability.

I’m experiencing this right now. I’m making a huge investment of time, energy, resources and finances. I’m not seeing results. It would be much easier to quit. I’ve cried. I’ve doubted. I’ve been tempted to give up.

But I can’t quit because I've seen the abundance of obedience.

So many give up in the waiting and in the doing; in the small mundane little hard disciplines of the every day process.

Don’t you do it.

If we only knew what we miss out on by quitting half way we would not let our doubts linger.

Keep on. Stay the course.

There is abundance in obedience.



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