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Heavy Lifting: We Are Making Progress On Our Shipping Container Home!

Heavy Lifting: We Are Making Progress On Our Shipping Container Home!

On Friday a crane company came and set the containers on our foundation! 

Aren't they gorgeous? ๐Ÿ˜

I know right now to the unimaginable eye, they just look like shipping containers. But dream with me for a moment....

You can see below the container on the right we have a basement the size of the container. This will likely be a play room for the kids on one side and a large walk-in kitchen pantry on the other. I never thought I could be so excited about a pantry. You just wait, twenty-somethings. You'll get there. 

The mound of dirt in the middle of the giant U- shape will be the living room. See the rectangle concrete slab peeking up out of the dirt in front of the middle container? This is the foundation for a two-sided fireplace that will separate the kitchen/dining area and the main sitting room.

We are enclosing the U-Shape with a giant garage door whose large windows will bring in lots of natural light. This will be a completely functional roll-up garage door. I mean, this could be helpful someday. If you can roll up your living room wall, you should roll up your living room wall. Am I right? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

This wall will overlook the back of the property. We turned the whole house backwards so the view from the sitting room will overlook the woods instead of the road (because why do we always have to follow the rules anyway? You are not the boss of me, normal-facing houses.)

We are concreting the living room floor. Think: 

Ours will have a finish wash and stained a bit darker giving it a more industrial look, but honestly, I think the above is charming. I would swoon to throw a cozy, cream shag rug in front of the fireplace with a Jennie Allen book all day. Yeah, I can make this work. 

The two yellow containers are 40-footers. The gray one in the middle is a 20-footer and my kitchen. (Which will be open. This grey container wall is going to get the axe. Sorry, grey wall.) Though we are not stacking containers, we are building the roof up high enough to add a loft right where my little lover muffins are standing. 

Obviously, there's lots more to do. But today was a milestone well-deserved to be celebrated. I endured the August heat documenting the process so you could enjoy this 30-second re-cap of our morning. Watch the heavy lifting below!

If you want to celebrate with us and follow along on the container fun, make sure you sign up for updates. 

Sharing this journey with you all makes the waiting process a bit more fun and bearable, and I'm honored you've chosen to come along with us on this crazy ride. 



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