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The Waiting

The Waiting

I loathe waiting.

GEEZ. I do. But after years being placed in scenario after scenario of waiting, I am getting the hang of it. There is something ludicrously exciting about putting something in God's hands and saying, "Here. You deal. I can't even." And then, waiting.

But let's not get it twisted. Waiting is not passive. It may seem that waiting is all sitting and silence and boring. Sometimes it is. But when applied to your Christian faith, there is nothing passive about it. Christianity is aggressive. I didn't say hostile. I said aggressive. 

Matthew 11:12 says, "....The kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force."

The word aggressive according to good ole has many meanings based on context. "Making an all-out-effort to win or succeed; vigorously energetic; boldly assertive" seem to hit the mark here. 

The Israelites were waiters. They waited 40 years for God's promise and then finally, He gave it to them! Yay! 


Not really, no. He gave them their promised land, but it was inhabited by other people. Lot's of people. Established people. People with weapons, military and high, strong walls. Do you ever think there is something wrong with God's "gifts"? 

Before they could enjoy the benefit of God's gift (or promise) they had to inhabit the land for themselves. Before they could call that land their home, nurse their sick, raise their children, grow their gardens, herd their cattle, they had to wait.

But wait aggressively. They had to seek God for direction. They had to OBEY that direction. Consistently. Aggressively. Then there came a time they had to FIGHT. 

A few years ago when I prayed for God to save my marriage, after all the prayers, all the counseling, all the reading of God's word, all the obedience, I still had to wait. There's only so much I can do as a limited human. There is my part of obedience, sure. Beyond that, a large part of the responsibilty is God's. I was given an invitation to wait.

"God, YOU SAID we could have this land." So the Israelites had to aggressivley wait and trust. 

Waiting is not passing time wastefully. USE THE WAITING wisely. Snuggle up close to God. Time spent with your creator is never wasted. 

How can you obey God's command for your life if you have no idea what He is saying? How will you know it? You don't always need someone telling you what God is saying for you to do. Stop looking for someone else who can hear God for you. You can hear Him. 

Wait with Him. Listen to Him, read His word, ask for His help. Use the waiting as an opportunity to show Him your faith. Find a spot on His cozy couch and then wait in Him confidently. 

So, quick recap: If you are waiting on something....Square your shoulders, plant your feet, know that God's promises are GOOD. They are not a maybe. But sometimes they require waiting. 

And you know what? Deep down I have wondered if God even creates these scenarios of waiting for us so that we will cozy up next to Him and stay there awhile. I know before I was forced into a season of waiting with Jesus, my life was pretty blah.

I deserved breadcrumbs and He offered me a beautiful feast served on fine china. Because we had become friends in the waiting. But unlike my other friends (no offense, guys) He happens to speak to wind and it obeys Him. So relax, He's got this. 

Onward waiting, friends. 

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